"The child - this is not a vessel that needs to be filled, and the fire, which is necessary to ignite," - says the eastern wisdom.

For us all is possible, that it can to theworld of child!

In a natural and friendly atmosphere it is possible to remainby yourselfto be at leisure and open for harmonious development.

It is so necessary for the children of megalopolis, as fresh air.In fact being in a closeness with nature a child saves naturalness, spontaneity and blitheness.

Children are one third of the population of our country, and all our future

Every child up to a certain extent a genius and every genius in some ways a child

About us

The mission of our center - not only to give the child a certain amount of knowledge and skills, but also to instill self-confidence and confidence, which will become the core of his adult life. In our center, the child learns that the study - it is not boring. He likes to do, he still turns out, he was easy to learn. It is easy, because it is interesting. Learning can be interesting, but if the child is in first grade for the first time took up a pencil, while the other children in the recipe output elements of the complex, it will be hard to stay confident. "Fireflies" in our children's center from an early age learn the skills that enable them to be objective at the height of their peers, and be proud of yourself.

Our "Fireflies" from an early age children are in the team, learn to communicate with each other, and this helps to warm the atmosphere, small groups, skilled teachers, psychologists, group exercises, psychological games. They easily adapt to a new team, make friends with each other. Through regular practice, even in the pre-school will be rewarded, they are already a little know how to set goals and achieve them, to plan and organize their time. Kids are among the favorably inclined towards them teachers, a lot of talk and deal with it.
Children's Center "Firefly" - allows parents to remotely keep track of how lives and develops, is working on what and what their child is up, thanks to the on-line monitoring.
Firefly - happy child.

Our history

  • 18.05.2014Establishment

    May 18, 2014 my husband and I have realized the dream of my life come true.
  • 18.05.2014Planning

    Picked spacious, bright, warm room. The man made a plan for future kindergarten. My sister, Inna Koval, a young mother of two children, the artist has developed dyzay room, painted walls.
  • 01.09.2016The given time

    Our priority - emotional balance and inner comfort the child. Exploring the world with a smile, learn by playing, grow healthy and happy - it's easy when a child is in safe and caring hands.